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Radon therapy in Austria

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Radon therapy
Thermal water and vapour

The treatment of ailments with radon is successfully carried out in several places in Europe. But in no other place in the world is radon therapy so diversely offered as in Gastein.

Thermal water, vapour bath and the Gastein healing cave are the three spa therapies used. According to the degree of severity and type of illness and the condition of the spa guest, the treatment of the radon therapy can be individually and perfectly adapted.

The success ratio of the Gastein cure and radon therapy is considerable: up to 90% of patients profit from an alleviation of their suffering, improved quality of life and the reduction of what was possibly the need for medication.

Successfully treated with radon therapy are above all chronic diseases of the locomotor system, the respiratory tract and the skin. Moreover, a radon therapy is also excellently suitable for immunoprophylaxis.

The high-alpine location of Gastein in the Austrian Alps fosters the enhanced provision of oxygen to the body. This additionally contributes to a positive improvement of health. You will find the combination of radon, warmth and a high-alpine location only in Gastein!