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Radon galleries in Gastein, Austria

Radon, warmth and high humidity

Entrance to the galleries
Relaxing and soothing therapy

These three effective factors that are found inside the Radhausberg produce a healing climate that is unique worldwide.

90 percent of patients profit from radon-hyperthermia treatment. The body’s own messenger substances for healing- and inhibiting inflammation are activated. Long-lasting pain alleviation (9 months) and the saving of medicaments (1 year) in diseases of the locomotor system (such as Bechterew’s disease) have been proved. Respiratory tract disease and skin diseases react very well on immune stabilisation.

The aim of the healing-cave cure in the radon galleries is the activation of your body’s own natural powers of self healing.
The five pillars supporting our holistic concept are concentrated on the alleviation of pain, exercise, fitness, self-management and lifestyle.
The focus here is the healing-cave therapy in the radon gallereries as a combination of mild overheating (hyperthermy) and radon therapy. According to the extent and severity of your illness, in the course of two to three weeks you require a total of eight to twelve admissions into the Gastein healing cave.
For slighter ailments, fewer admissions can already lead to success.
Through regular repetition of the healing-cave therapy in the radon galleries, you stabilise the effects achieved: pain alleviation, the saving of medicaments, immune-system stabilisation.

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The most important indications (Prof. Deetjen, 2005)

Bechterew syndrom therapy
Diagnosis of diseases
Healing massage

Illnesses of the locomotor system

  •         Bechterew’s disease or spondylarthropathies
  •         Chronic polyarthritis (rheumatoid arthritis)
  •         Arthrosis (also finger polyarthrosis)
  •         Psoriatic arthritis
  •         Vertebral syndrome
  •         Fibromyalgia syndrome
  •         Osteoporosis pain
  •         Neuralgias, polyneuropathies
  •         After effects of sports injuries
  •         Sarcoidosis

    Diseases of the respiratory tract

  •         Chronic bronchitis
  •         Bronchial asthma
  •         Chronic sinusitis
  •         Hay fever

  Skin diseases

  •         Psoriasis vulgaris
  •         Neurodermatitis
  •         Delayed wound healing
  •         Dermatosclerosis

Implementation is also rewarding during climateric ailments, for general prophylaxis and immune-system stabilisation.


Pregnancy, untreated excess thyroid function, severe claustrophobia, cancer diseases in the first year after the end of therapy. We recommend medical consultation for diseases of the heart, circulation and kidneys.


Radon galleries in Gastein

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